Friday, June 26, 2009

Hot New Brand: Rich Wierdo

Now that school is finally over and I'm getting used to being back home in New York, I can get back to blogging about the fly things I've encountered in the last few months.

For starters, I'm low-key obsessed with this new brand I found yesterday called Rich Wierdo.

Like most of today's popular t-shirt brands, they have some tees with funny phrases, like the "Who Wants To Be A Regular?" tee.

My personal faves, however, would either be the "Wild Africa" tee or the "Digital Nerd" tee.

They even have some fly tees for the ladies, with the
"Rich Girls Party Hard" and "What Are You Looking At?" tees.

For those in the NYC area, you can cop some of these tees at Swagga 360, Pieces, and Vinnie Styles in Brooklyn. An online store is also coming soon at

Would you rock Rich Wierdo?


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