Sunday, February 1, 2009

Up & Coming

In pushing our own clothing company (stay tuned for the Spring '09 lookbook), we also seek to showcase other fly companies. Today, I would like to put you all onto Dope Couture, one of my personal faves.

The Dope Couture mission is as follows:

At Dope Couture we know that family and friendship are the most important things in life. Yet lavishness, luxury and upper class bourgeois style have their place. We believe that luxury is, inherently, freedom and beyond that only a state of mind. We try to reflect this realization of luxury in every piece that we create.

Our goal is to bring that luxurious lifestyle to you, because everyone deserves the right to feel on top of the world, and not just the upper class. Our name signifies this oxymoron and we put a great amount of detail and thought into every piece that we design.

We have molded and shaped this brand to represent a sarcastic interpretation of upper class bourgeois style, high-class art and fashion, and street and pop culture. Every product we release is limited edition and in select color ways that we think embody our lifestyle and individuality. This brand would not be possible without the support of our friends and family. Thanks to you, we have not lost our desire to be passionately curious and creative. Thank you for allowing us to continue doing what we love.

Want to see what they're about? View their fall lookbook here.

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